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Sew Many Stitches cannot be held responsible for printing, human errors, or individual workmanship.  No part of any of the patterns may be reproduced in any manner                without written permission.  July 2012

Quilt Patterns


I have a HUGE love of quilting! 

I have been quilting for over fifteen years.  I have never left a pattern alone; I always had to change “something” on the pattern I was quilting.  I never left anything alone.

Then I decided it is more fun to create my own designs and          watch them develop as I sew them.

I have a husband and three children. One of my favorite things;   is to see them wrap up in one of my quilts.

I know that people don’t have a lot of extra time.  I try to     create quilts that can be made quickly; and are very easy to understand, even to the newest of quilters. 

                      My ultimate goal is to create quilts that people will love.  If you purchase one of my quilt patterns and do not understand something; please email me.  I would be happy to explain my method of quilting.  I have an Interior Design Degree as well as years of experience.  I really feel that my design background gives me an advantage in creating quilt patterns.